How to Breed Betta Fish at Home Step-by-Step

how betta fish breed

In this blog, we will explain how betta fish breed at home. We will explain step by step process of breeding for our all fish enthusiasts. Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are popular for their graceful fins and vibrant colors. 

By creating the ideal breeding conditions and understanding the betta fish breeding process, you can encourage these beautiful fish to reproduce. From setting up the breeding tank to caring for the fry, this guide covers the essential steps involved in breeding betta fish in the comfort of your home. Betta Fish Tank Setup for Breeding

Betta Fish Tank Setup for Breeding

Betta Fish Tank Setup for Breeding

Use a basin or tank of one and a half feet in width to set up a betta fish tank. The water used for breeding should have a pH of 6-8. If we are using tap water we have to keep the water for 3 to 4 days for the conditioning of water. 

Add water in the basin at a height of 2 inches. It is necessary to add considerable water because if we add excess water the betta fries may have difficulty rising from the bottom of the tank and this may result in the loss of betta fries. 

After the setup add a small piece of Indian almond leaves in the water till the water retains a dark brown color. The almond leaves have both antibacterial and antifungal properties which help your fish to cure any infection they might have. 

Next, set up a betta fish tank by sticking a small transparent plastic sheet on any side of the tank. Ensure that the plastic sheet should be floating for the male betta fish to make the bubble nest inside the sheet. We can also use cabbage leaves or almond leaves but ensure that they don't sink at the bottom of the tank.

Make sure that the plastic sheet is stable, this is the place where male fish will create a bubble nest. So make sure there is no disturbance or make sure the fan is off otherwise the bubble nest will be destroyed.

How to Choose Betta Fish Breeding Pair

Select the matured male and female betta fish for betta fish breeding, which is more than 6 months old. The male betta fish should be larger in size than the female betta fish. The next step is to condition the pair for Betta Fish Breeding by putting the pair in separate bottles. 

Feed them live foods (mosquito larvae, Moina, artemia) for two weeks three times a day. If you are unable to get live food for Betta Fish Breeding, get vitamin-rich fish food from the nearest pet shops. After two weeks, we can notice that the belly of the female betta fish has bulged. This indicates that the pair is ready to mate for Betta Fish Breeding.

Creating Optimal Conditions for Successful Breeding of Betta Fish

Creating Optimal Conditions for Successful Breeding of Betta Fish

In the tank setup release the male betta fish. Put the female betta fish in a transparent glass and place it in the middle of the tank setup. In order to mate properly we have to place the tank where there is no disturbance. 

It is recommended to place cardboard on top of the setup with a small gap for the air to pass through the tank. During this period feed the pair with live food once a day. I recommend not using mosquito larvae because they may remain in the tank and eat the betta fries. After 2-3 days we can notice the male betta fish made a bubble nest.

How to Add the Female to the Breeding Tank

Slowly release the female betta fish in the tank without breaking the bubble nest. It is observed that some male betta fish starts to attack the female betta fish but it's alright as it is part of mating. 

Don't separate the female betta fish from the tank when you see the male chasing the female betta fish. We can say when female fish is ready to breed when we see a white spot on female fish's stomach.

The Bubble Nest

Male betta fish exhibit a unique and captivating behavior during their breeding process called the bubble nest. These fish blow bubbles at the water's surface using saliva and air to create a floating structure. These nests provide a safe place for the eggs laid by the female betta. 

The male betta fish takes great care to protect and maintain the eggs in the nest. The presence of a bubble nest demonstrates the male's readiness to breed and commitment to caring for the young. It's a remarkable natural occurrence that highlights the nurturing tendencies of betta fish.

How do Betta Fish Mate

After the chasing the female gets under the bubble nest with the male for betta fish mating. The male betta fish wraps the female betta fish with his entire body and the female lays an egg. Although the eggs may not be released during the initial embrace, the male and female will embrace many times until all of the eggs are discharged. 

The female betta may appear unwell or limp when depositing her eggs, but this is typical. The male collects the egg and deposits it in the bubble nest where fertilization takes place.

Removing the Female Betta Fish

When the bubble nest is completely filled with eggs the male starts to chase the female betta fish. At this moment we have to remove the female betta fish from the tank. the male is chasing the female to protect the nest. 

We should remove the female betta fish without altering the bubble nest. if the bubble nest breaks the job of male betta fish becomes much harder. after removing the female betta fish put it in a separate bottle and feed live food three times a day for one week. After that, you can feed pellet food.

Egg Hatching and Caring for the Betta Fry

After 2 or 3 days from the egg deposited on the bubble nest, we can see the betta fries hanging under the bubble nest. The male betta fish look after the fries. Normally the male doesn't consume any food so it is advised not to feed any food for the male. After one week of the hatching, we can see that the fries start to swim freely.

Now carefully remove the male betta fish from the tank. Make sure that no betta fries are trapped on the catching net while catching the male betta fish.

Betta Fry Food for Healthy Growth

After one week of the hatching feed the fries with infusoria since they are smaller than the mouth of the fries they can easily eat the live food. when it grows to a certain size where its mouth gets bigger than Moina, artemia feeds them with Moina or artemia. feed them 3 times a day. When they start to develop color on their body you can introduce them to pellet foods from the pet shops.


In conclusion, this thorough tutorial has offered step-by-step directions on how to breed betta fish at home. You now have the knowledge and confidence to begin on this delightful adventure, from setting up the breeding tank to caring for the fry. 

Create the optimal circumstances for new life to develop in your own betta fish breeding endeavor. Special thanks to Biju and Akhil for providing valuable insights on breeding betta fish.


1. How do you know when your betta fish is ready to mate? 
When male betta fish creates a bubble nest we can say he's ready for breeding. Whereas in female betta fish, we can say she's ready if we find a white spot near the stomach. 

2. How long does it take to breed betta fish? 
It normally takes 8 days for the breeding process till the betta fish lay eggs. 

3. Do betta fish eat their own babies? 
Yes. The male betta fish tend to eat when they are hungry or aggressive. Once betta fry become swimmers separate the male betta fish from the betta fry 

4. Is betta fish easy to breed? 
Yes with proper procedure, diet, and care it is easy to breed betta fish. 

5. Can male betta fish lay eggs? 
No. Female betta fish lay eggs, whereas male betta fish create bubble nests for eggs to fertilize. 

6. Why use almond leaf for betta? 
Almond leaves have antibacterial and antifungal properties which prevent any infection in betta fish. 

7. What do you feed a betta? 
You can feed live food like mosquito larvae, Moina, and artemia. And other food like betta pellets and flakes. 

8. What do bettas do when mating? 
After the chasing the female gets under the bubble nest with the male for betta fish mating. The male betta fish wraps the female betta fish with his entire body and the female lays an egg. 

9. How long are betta fish pregnant? 
Normally 2 weeks 

10. Why is my male betta eating the eggs? 
If male fish feels threat or feel disturbed, it will eat the egg.
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