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how to take care of a cockatiel

As the Monsoon is approaching different bacteria and fungus also attract your birdcage and your birds can be prone to diseases. So in Monsoon, you must take care of your bird with warmth, food, and cleanliness. Cockatiels in their natural habitat in the desert region i.e. they can withstand high temperatures up to 35-40 degrees. 

And if these birds come across in cold regions they are prone to get sick, so you must keep your bird warm during this season. By being active on your bird your bird is happy and healthy. I had a bird that died due to lack of warmth even though I covered its cage still the warmth he received was not enough. 

So you must cover your birdcage fully along with the heating lamp. Also, you should ensure that no rain gets inside your bird's cage, the cage must be dry. So no bacteria and fungi can grow.

Tips for Taking Care of Birds in the Rainy Season are:

1. Provide dry seeds to your bird, dry seeds before the rainy season in hot sunlight.

2. Start deworming your birds before the rainy season.

3. Avoid breeding in the rainy season.

4. Protect the cage from rain by covering it with plastic.

5. Avoid moisture in the seeds mix as bacteria and fungi may grow, which can make your birds sick.

6. Provide a heater in the bird cage.

7. Keep the cage indoors if possible.

8. Provide warm water in the rainy season instead of tap water.

9. Provide Vitamins and Minerals to your birds.

10. Avoid soft food in the rainy season. 

Monsoon Diet 

In the rainy season, seeds should be the majority part of the bird's diet, and a very minimal amount of soft food. Bird tends to get diarrhea during the rainy season. During the rainy season, birds need heat in the body, So seeds that provide a high amount of heat are thistle seeds, sunflower seeds, and canary seeds. 

These seeds are high in heat, fiber, and protein and help birds fight against diseases. Monsoon soft food includes egg white with rice, sprouts, and medicinal herbs. Basil leaves help birds to fight against diseases and provides immunity to birds. Apart from food, you should provide birds with vitamin A and Calcium. Other important things are grit and cattle bone to overcome calcium deficiency.

Setting up Bird Cage

Before the rainy season cover cage of the bird with a plastic cover if your cage is an outdoor setup. Otherwise, if your cage is movable consider keeping your birdcage inside as it will keep them warm. The second point is keeping the cage clean, as bacteria and fungi tend to grow during this season it's important to clean your cage clean and dry. 

The third point to providing a heater, the heater will keep your birds warm and help them withstand the harsh windy climate. The last point is covering the cage so that no wind can pass your cage. Cold wind can make your bird sick and cold.


In conclusion, taking care of a cockatiel during the rainy season needs special attention and care. It is critical to keep your bird warm, offer dry and clean surroundings, and ensure its feed is nutritionally enough. 

Covering the cage, offering dry seeds, and deworming, among other things, will help keep your bird healthy throughout the wet season. By following these rules, you can keep your cockatiel happy, healthy, and disease-free during the monsoon season.
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