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Homemade Fish Food

Our ancestors used to say homemade food is the best and healthy food, it doesn't only apply to us. But it is also applicable to fish and other pets too. There are varieties of homemade fish food in India that are rich in carbohydrates which provide energy, protein for fish growth, and iron for oxygen level.

Home-made fish food is very healthy for all types of fish like Oscar, goldfish, guppy, etc. Although homemade fish food is healthy they tend to make fish tanks dirty which will attract different diseases. So you must clean the fish tank after providing the fish home food. Another thing is you should not provide homemade fish food in a planted aquarium tank, as it is very difficult to clean the tank.

Homemade fish food is organic food without any chemicals which fulfills all nutrition in fish. To avoid dirt due to homemade food give food in small quantities three times. Vegetarian fish food includes spinach, lettuce, cucumber, and peas, etc. 

Non-vegetarian food includes earthworms, crickets, chicken, and shrimp. Before preparing fish food there are some tips you should remember like all vegetables and non-vegetarian should be fresh and free from chemicals as well as hormones. Wash all items before preparing homemade fish food recipes. Identify your fish type whether it is herbivore, ominous, or carnivorous.

Recipe- I (Peas & Spinach i.e. Palak)

fish homemade food

1. Add 100g of green peas in boiling water for 10 min and let them cook.
2. Check green peas are cooked by pressing one of the peas.
3. You can use fresh peas or frozen, fresh peas take about 6-8 min to cook, and frozen will take 10min.
4. After that strain the water and allow it to cool.
5. Remove skin as it is thick and fish won't be able to digest it, we want the only soft part.
6. Mash the soft meat of peas.
7. Feed your fish in small quantities.
8. Green peas are medicinal food that helps fish with swim bladder diseases, and internal parasites and keeps the stomach clean.
9. Weekly once will keep your fish healthy.
10. Guppy, beta, and goldfish will eat happily.

Spinach recipe

how to make fish food

1. In boiling water add spinach leaves for 4-5 min.
2. After that mash it with your fingers and make small pieces
3. Feed the leaves in small pieces.
4. Weekly once will clean your fish stomach.

Recipe- II (Egg)

how to make your own fish food

1. Boil the Egg in boiling water for 10 min.
2. After that remove the eggshell from the boiled egg.
3. Separate yolk from egg white.
4. Take a pinch of egg white and add 1 tsp of water and mix egg yolk and water.
5. These are protein food that can be fed to Betta fry, Oscar, guppy, and goldfish babies.
6. Egg has vitamin A, B12, F, D, Iron, and protein for the overall growth of fish.
7. Deficiency of Vitamin D causes cloudy eyes in some fishes. And also increases lifespan.
8. Weekly provide twice.

Recipe-III (Vegetables)

1. Ingredients for this recipe are cauliflower, peas, carrot spinach, and garlic. 
2. Garlic is a medicinal food not only it is beneficial for healthy fish also get attract to eat more of it. It also cures white spots in fish.
3. First step is to cook vegetables in boiling water for 10min.
4. After cooking we will allow them to cool down. 
5. We will make small pieces with the help of a mixture or you can use them to make them into fine pieces.
6. And you are ready to serve it to your fish. The size of the food should be less than the fish's mouth.
7. These recipes improve fish digestion, immunity, and coloration.
8. Spricula capsules can also be added to the recipe for additional health benefits.


In conclusion, homemade fish food is a healthy and nutritious solution for all varieties of fish, supplying them with the carbs, proteins, and vitamins they require to flourish. There are several homemade fish food recipes to select from, ranging from vegetarian alternatives like spinach and peas to non-vegetarian ones like earthworms and shrimp.


1. What do fish eat at home?
Fish can consume home-cooked meals. You may prepare a variety of homemade fish food recipes, including vegetarian ones like spinach, lettuce, cucumber, and peas.

2. How many times should fish eat a day?
Small amounts of food should be given to fish three times each day. Overfeeding can cause stomach issues as well as make the fish tank unclean, attracting illness.
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