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cockatiel medicine

It's hard to see when your pet bird is sick, at the time your only thing is which medicine should I provide my bird. Whenever you see your bird sick priority should be consulting your vet. There are many places where there's no access to a vet. 

This post will them which medicine and supplements will help their bird best. Before giving medicine you should separate your sick bird from the colony. Along with it, you should check which disease and symptoms are causing your bird to be sick. Many companies are marketing various medicine. 

I would recommend "Virbac" company is a reputed company which is only concerned about pet care and their health. All the drugs and supplements for animals are managed by FFDCA. Apart from natural food, it's necessary to give your bird supplements and vitamins. 

For example calcium, birds need a high amount of calcium which cannot be fulfilled through veggies and seeds, so it's important to give calcium supplement's along with diet. Here are some cockatiel medicines and supplements with dosage and method

1. Vimeral


Vimeral is a concentrated multivitamin supplement that is provided to poultry and pet. It contains different vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D3. 

Vitamin A provides healthy eyes and provides eye infections in birds and healthy breeding, then we have Vitamin b12 and D3 which provide absorption of calcium. Other vitamins are E which gives a healthy feather and immune system. 

Vimeral is available in any pet shop or online. Vimeral should not be given when your bird is sick or have loose motion. Caution vimeral should not be overdose it is highly concentrated.

Dosage: 2ml of vimeral with 1 liter of water should be given weekly twice for cockatiel. For smaller birds reduce it to half.

2. Brotone Liver Tonic

Brotone liver tonic

Brotone is a liver tonic used to keep birds' livers healthy. It contains yeast and other vitamins to improve the bird's liver-related issues. It helps the bird to produce digestive juice, produce liver cells, increase body weight and solve the digestion-related issue.

It also helps in the treatment of fatty liver disease and mycotoxicosis. You can provide broton before deworming for 4 days and also when your bird is sick provide antibiotics in the morning and evening with broton. You can provide broton for 7 days once a month for a healthy liver.

Dosage: 5ml in 1 liter of water should be provided according to requirement. For smaller birds reduce it to half.

3. Growl Grow Calcium Tonic

Growl Grow Calcium tonic

Growl Grow is a calcium supplement that mainly contains Zinc and Magnesium along with that it contains Calcium, Vitamin D3, B12, Carbohydrates, and Phosphorus. It is mainly pink in color-dense liquid. 

It mainly improves bone issues along with it also provides a stronger eggshell, prevents egg binding, Improves skeleton and muscular strength, More egg production, and Stronger leg strength. It also improves the immune system of birds. Ostovet is also another calcium medicine by virbac which is recommended.

Dosage: 5ml for 1-liter water weekly twice. For smaller birds reduce the dosage to half

4. Neopeptine 


Neopeptine is a human digestion medicine that is used by breeders to treat bird digestion-related issues. It contains alpha-amylase which helps to secrete saliva and papain as active ingredients. It is a treatment, control, and prevention medicine for digestion for birds.

It is also provided to bird chicks as they come across indigestion you can mix it with feed for proper digestion. The main problems that come across are Gas, Stomach pain, Indigestion, Loss of appetite, and diarrhea. If your bird is facing diarrhea provide an oral solution in the morning and evening with neopeptine drops.

Dosage: 5 to 6 drops in 1 liter of water. For smaller birds 2 to 3 drops

5. Tetracycline Hydrochloride

Tetracycline Hydrochloride

Tetracycline hydrochloride is an antibiotic and loose motion medicine white colored powder. It can be used for all animals mainly it is used by breeders when they see their bird sick or having loose motion. Tetracycline is easily available in the veterinary shop. 

You can provide it for 3 days monthly as an antibiotic. It is used to treat wounds if your bird has injury along with it is also used to treat Dystocia which is egg binding. It is also used to treat Retention of the placenta in eggs and hemorrhage septicemia. 

Fever, loose motion, and pneumonia are also treated. As summers are approaching your bird tends to get sick at times tetracycline is a must-use medicine. Remove the water at night and provide medicine early morning make sure you remove the medicine after 3-4 hrs as it will turn red. Another antibiotic you can use is meriquin but it is not easily available on the market.

Dosage: 3gm of tetracycline should be given in 1 liter of water and 5gm if your bird is having loose motion

6. Calci-Grit

Calci-grit is small tiny granules that provide calcium and help indigestion. It is easily available online and in vet shops. It is made of cuttlebone, sea salt, coal, and other sea organic which help birds with immunity, breeding, and healthy eggshell. You can provide in bowl weekly.


In conclusion, taking care of your cockatiel's health is important for their well-being. While consulting with a veterinarian is always recommended, it's not always possible in some areas. Therefore, knowing about the different medicines and supplements, including cockatiel medicine, available for cockatiels can help you provide the necessary care to your pet bird.
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