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Cats and Human relationships have been so long from 3000-6000 BC years old. Archaeologists have found evidence of cats in Egypt, Cyrus, and China. As humans migrated cats have also been around them forming different breeds of cats. 

Where some mutations have been natural while some were man-made. According to CFA today we have around 42 breeds of cats whereas according to TICA number is around 71. So let us start with our countdown of the top 10 cat breeds on our list

10. Bengal 

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                                                    Bengal cats are wild cats discovered in 1963 by Jean Mill. Jean Mill had a leopard and decided to get a cat, both cat and leopard mated. And hence Bengal cat was created. The name Bengal was derived from an Asian leopard. These cats have a life span of 12-16 years with a thick coat and brindle pattern. 

Males weigh about 4.5-6.5 kg whereas females weigh about 6.5-5.5 kg. They are found in varieties of color like brown tabby, seal sepia, seal lynx, black, silver, sepia tabby, spotted, marble, and charcoal spotted. The characters of these cats are curious, hyperactive, and social.

9. Abyssinian

                                    The name Abyssinian came from the Abyssinian city which we called today Ethiopia. It is believed that the origin of this cat is from southeast Asia and the Indian seas, some also suggest the cat may be brought by British and Dutch traders from India. In Egypt, these cats are sacred. Abyssinian cats are medium-sized cats with pointed ears and thick coats. These cats are found in gold, green, copper, and hazel color. 

The character of these cats is they are highly enthusiastic, intelligent playful, and loyal. These cats have a dog-like attachment as they are loyal. They have a life span of 14-15 years. They came across different diseases due to mutation like kidney failure and blindness which can be cured with a proper diet.

8. Scottish Fold

Scottish fold
                              Scottish fold was discovered on a farm in Scotland in 1961 named Suzy. Soon after Suzy died in a car accident, fortunately, her offspring were present to preserve this breed. In 1966 this breed was registered by William Ross in the UK. Scottish fold has folded ears that resemble an owl. 

These cats have large eyes, small noses, medium short legs, and weigh about 4-5 kg. The character is playful, intelligent, and smart. They have a lifespan of 15 years, and leaving them alone may lead to depression. Kidney disease, heart problems, and joint diseases are found in them. So it is not recommended to breed these cats.

7. Sphynx

                                 Sphynx cat was first found in Canada Toronto where a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless kitten in 1960. In 1970 these cats were bred again in Toronto where they gave the name Canadian hairless. In 1986 these breeds were accepted by TICA. The name sphynx was given from ancient Egypt. These cats are medium in size with muscular bodies, large ears, lemon-like eyes, wrinkles, and loose skin. 

Their skin secrets excess oil hence need a bath weekly. The character is loyal, highly intelligent, and energetic. They love being cuddled and love human attention. They have a life span of 8-14 years. This breed cat also worked in movies like Austin Power: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

6. Birman

                                           Birman cats are sacred cats of Myanmar i.e. Burma. It is believed that a priest was living in north Burma when traders invaded the priest after some time a white cat came and placed his paws on the priest's chest. During the final breath of the priest, the white cat changed its color to a light brown and brown face, after a few days that cat too died as it refuses to eat. 

Others believed that in 1925 French people were gifted with 2 Burman cats where its population increased in France. These cats have blue eyes, white paws, and black-shaded faces. Character is intelligent, curious, and dog-like behavior. These cats have a soft voice and a single-layer coat. They have a life span of 12-16 years. They are prone to allergies and have heart problems.

5. Domestic Shorthair

large domestic cat breeds
                             Domestic shorthair also known as British shorthair was brought by Romans 2000 years ago. In America, these are known as American shorthair and are said to be brought by Egyptians. In India, we called these breeds Billi or street cats. These cats have short coat, muscular body, round head, and paws. These cats are medium in size with around 30 colors of shade. Characters are loving, playful, and noisy. They have a life span of 12-20 years.

4. Maine Coon

Maine Coon
                                                 Maine Coon cats originated in America. Theory suggests that these cats were brought by Sailor named Tom Coon and other theory says that it is the offspring of Bobcat and domestic cats. Another theory is that it was brought by the Vikings 1000 years ago. These cats are medium to large with long body and double layer coat. 

Along with that they have a bushy tail, large ears, and oval eyes and are found in varieties of color. Characters are they are playful, calm, and expressive. They are massive in size and are suitable for the winter environment. They the weigh 8-11.3 kg and have a life span of 10-13 years.

3. Persian

                                     Persian is considered to be a royal cat of origin from Iran. This cat was brought to Europe in 1626 by Italy from Iran and France from the Ottoman Empire. There are two types of Persian cats Doll face or Traditional and Peek-a face. Peak faces are prone to various diseases compared to cat breed types. Queen Vitoria had Persian cats which were very dear to her. These cats have round eyes chubby cheeks and long hair coats. 

These cats are found in various colors and medium in size. The character is friendly, playful, and loves to relax. These cats don't like noise and love to relax. They weigh about 3-5 kg and life span of 12-14 years. These cats are sensitive and are prone to different diseases like eye infections, breathing difficulty due to their facial muscle, kidney diseases, and dental issue. So you must visit the vet now and then.

2. Siamese

                                            Siamese originated from Thailand. These cats are brought to England in1800 the century. Siamese is considered popular amongst the royal family and is sacred to Buddhism. These cats were not allowed to trade with other countries, but somehow they did. There are two types of Siamese cat breed types i.e. Traditional and Extreme cats. Other breeds created from the Siamese breed are Himalayan, Russian blue, and Burmese. 

These cats have round heads whereas the Extreme breed has a triangular-shaped head. They are found in chocolate, lavender, seal, cream, and white. They have intense beautiful blue eyes. Characters are Intelligence, confident, curious, playful, active and ambitious, and love to talk. Siamese have a life span of 15 years. They are prone to liver failure and heart disuses.

1. Ragdoll

                                   The journey of the Ragdoll cat breed started in 1960 when there was a white cat named Josephine. Josephine was hit by a car fortunately she survived and recovered. Later she gave birth to a kitten which was completely different from her traits they had blue eyes and were gorgeous. After all, the kitten was brought by Anne Baker she believed Josephine had a change in DNA due to an accident, which may be possible. And Anne Baker found the foundation of breed and started her own business. 

These cats are medium and large with a medium undercoat. These cats have silky coat that is fluffy and needs grooming. They are found in the seal, blue, lilac, chocolate, and cream. Characters are they love to relax and are lazy, they also love to play with toys. They love to sit on your lap and cuddle. They are curious and have a soft voice. Male cats weigh about 5-9 kg whereas females weigh 3.6-6.8 kg. They have a life span of 16-20 years.


In conclusion, there are several cat breeds to pick from, each with its own distinct qualities and personality quirks. There is bound to be a cat breed that will meet your lifestyle and tastes, whether you want a laid-back lap cat or an energetic and lively feline. So, spend some time researching different cat breeds to choose the right furry buddy to join your household.


1. What cat breed is most expensive?
The Ashera cat breed is the most expensive price with a whopping price of $125,000. These cats have been developed in the American laboratory. 

They are the offspring of Asian leopards and domestic cats. They have thick tails, big ears, and muscular bodies. They have a life span of 8-10 years. Characters are highly intelligent, curious, calm, shy, and solitary. They are bout 12-15 kg.

2. Which is the rarest breed of cat?
Bombay & Sokoke breeds are considered to be the rarest cat in the world. The Bombay cat is the offspring of the panther and domestic cat and is naturally found in Kenya. Both breeds are medium-sized cats. 

3. What is the most dangerous cat breed?
Siamese cats are ancient cats and are said to be territorial and tend to fight with other cats as they get jealous and try to occupy their space.

4. What is the most common cat breed?
Exotic Shorthair or British short hair is most common all over the world.

5. What is the meanest breed of cats? 
Siamese is talkative and loves human attention, but they tend to get to bond only with the owner. Sharing cuddles makes them jealous and hence the title of the meanest cat.
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