Cat Eye Infection And Treatment In Summer │Will Cat Conjunctivitis go away by itself ?

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Cat eyes are one of the beautiful features expressing all its emotions whether it is fear, curiosity, or happiness. Cat-eye infection can be unbearable and uneasy. Their eyes are sensitive just like humans and can cause inflation or infection due to several factors. 

A cat eye consists of elliptical pupils, tapetum lucidum, and a nictitating membrane. A healthy cat eye should not have any redness, no water discharge, and no puss. Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, and Caliciviral are some of the viruses which cause cat eye infections.

Kittens are more prone to eye infections as they have a weak immune system. Often eye infections get treated by themselves, But if it's too long and not treated it can make your cat-eye problem severe and blind. 

So you must visit a vet if you notice any abnormalities in your cat's eyes. Some of the eye diseases seen in cats are corneal disorders, epiphora, uveitis, feline eye infection, and conjunctivitis. In most cases, antibiotics will work in severe cases surgery is needed.

What's the Difference Between Feline Eye Infection & Conjunctivitis in Cats?


Feline eye infection




Weak immune system

Autoimmune disease


Eye trauma

Foreign bodies entering the eyes

Allergic plants


Ear mites





Excessive winking

Rubbing eye


Watery eyes and nose

Sudden snoring

Swollen eyes and pink-eyes



Eye drops

Treatment for Cat Eye Infection

Almost every eye infection gets treated with eye drops and proper hygiene of the eye. Still, I would suggest whenever you see your cat's eyes abnormal you should visit the vet. Giving vaccines on time can also prevent cat eye infections. 

So if you see your cat's eye infected first thing you should examine your cat's eye properly if it's in the early stage it's better to treat it easier. After examining clean your cat's eye with water or petvit eye wipe. It contains citric acid, chamomile, and vitamin E.
how to clean cat eye infection

Gently take a wipe from the product and clean your cat's eyes. Remove all the dirt and puss. If the dirt crust is hard splash water on the cat's eyes. After cleaning cats' eyes apply any eye drops available in the market for cats. Terramycin is one of the most effective oilmen for the infected eye. By just gently applying oilmen on cats eyes for 3-4 days. And if you are using eye drops, put one drop in each eye twice daily until you see any improvement in cats' eyes.
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Another option is Ciplox which is a human eye medicine, which can also be used in cats. It is easily available in the market and affordable. 1 drop in each eye for 4 days and like before clean the cat's eye before applying the drop.


In conclusion, cat eye infections are caused by a variety of circumstances and are treatable with medicines or eye treatments. Proper cleanliness and vaccines are essential for prevention. If you observe unusual behaviors in your cat's eyes, get veterinarian attention once away to avoid deterioration and blindness.

Will Conjunctivitis in cats go away by itself?

Maybe. In most cases, it will be cured without any treatment within 7-14 days. But in viral conjunctivitis, it may take 2-3 weeks and will also need treatment. If not treated cats' vision may decrease and in severe cases blind.

How did my cat get conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis in your cat might be caused by a weaker immune system, allergies, trauma, foreign substances in the eyes, bacterial or viral infections, or autoimmune illnesses.
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