Tips To Keep Your Birds Cool in Summer│ How do I cool my cockatiel down ?

How do I cool my cockatiel down

As Summer is approaching it's necessary to keep your cockatiel cool and hydrated. The cockatiel is normally survived in hot conditions. As in Australia, cockatiel lives in some areas of the desert. But it's still important to keep your cockatiel cool as in nature they use surrounding to keep their body cool. Overheating can kill your cockatiel so you must keep your bird cool. A cockatiel can stand temperatures up to 40-42 degrees. Here are tips to keep your cockatiel, budgies, and finches cool in summer.

Tips to Keep Your Cockatiel Cool 

   1. Cage Setup

The direct cage should be opposite to the sun so that no direct sunlight falls on your cockatiel cage. Place your cage in a shaded area to keep them cool. Cover your cage with a green net to avoid direct sunlight. If your cage is immovable put a cloth on top of your cage or place a wet cloth over your cage. 

Make sure there is proper ventilation for the cage. Place your cage near the garden where the surrounding is green. If your cage is indoor provide an exhaust fan for proper ventilation. Spray water over your birds to cool up their body. 

Caution don't overspray it may cause cold for your cockatiel. Sprinkle water over the breeding box as it may cause intense heat inside. Provide terracotta pot instead of birdbox as they provide natural cooling. Ensure your birdcage position is low, the top position will have a higher temperature.

   2. Food for hydration

Provide plenty of soft food rich in water content. Soft food like cucumber, watermelon, tomato, coriander leaves, and mint leaves provide cooling of the body and plenty of water in the cockatiel. Egg food and cannery seed should not be provided in the summer season as they make heat in the cockatiel's body. 

Vegetables and fruits should be part of the cockatiel diet. Give a proper diet to your bird, obese birds contain high temperatures in the body. Cockatiel only needs a little energy compared to winter. Hydrate your bird and keep freshwater inside your cage all the time. Make sure the water doesn't get warm due to sunlight, change the water if warm.

   3. Medicine and Diseases

The cocktail may come across many diseases during summer like motion, heatstroke, cold, and eye infection. Improving proper diet and hydration can avoid all these diseases. The first medicine is ORS powder which is provided in water for dehydration if a bird is dehydrated provide it with water as its high in energy and can improve your bird's condition. 

Another medicine is neuropeptide is a medicine used for loose motion, your bird may have moved due to heat. So you must treat your bird properly long time motion can cause the death of your bird.

Heatstroke can only prevent by providing proper shade and cooling, so keep your cage near the green area. Symptoms your bird is sick of are fluffy feathers, improper appetite, and not eating well. You can provide your bird with tetracycline to avoid any summer disease. Visit your vet for treatment.

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