Your Ultimate Guide - How to take care of Budgies?

How to take care of budgies

Are you planning to adopt a budgie? These small, colourful birds are adorable and make cherished companions. You need to follow simple guidelines, to provide a safe, comfortable, and happy life for your budgie. These birds can bring immense joy to your home when cared for with love and attention. 

In fact, did you know that budgies are the third most-kept pets globally, right after dogs and cats? Yes, it's true, these Australian natives have won the hearts of countless bird enthusiasts.

The budgie's lifespan is of up to 10 years. With their charming, talkative nature, bringing a budgie into your home is indeed a commitment worth considering.

First thing First - A Big home

To ensure your budgie's well-being, it's essential to start with the right environment:

1. The Bigger the Budgie Cage the Better - Budgies need space to play and stretch their wings. Opt for a cage that allows light to pass through and is at least 50 centimeters (19.7 in) deep, 60 centimeters (23.6 in) high, and 80 centimeters (31.5 in) wide. A wider cage with a square top is ideal for budgies, as they fly horizontally.

Pro Tip - Avoid buying fancy-topped cages no matter how attractive they look. They are expensive and make the cage less spacious.

2. No Circular Cages - Circular cages limit your budgie's ability to stretch and fly. Stick to cages with corners where your budgie can feel secure.

3. Cleanliness is the key - Budgies defecate frequently (approximately every 10-15 minutes), so choose a cage that's easy to clean. Make sure your hand can easily access the cage interior for cleaning purposes.

4. Add a Bath - Budgies enjoy staying clean and may even take baths for fun. Provide a mini-bathtub that's easily accessible and doesn't take up too much cage space. Alternatively, you can use a clean plastic container and attach it to the cage with a hook. 

5. Toys and Perches - Include a variety of toys and perches in the cage to keep your budgie stimulated. Opt for natural perches and choose toys like ladders, bells, and balls. Ensure the wood is safe (for eg. Eucalyptus) for your bird. 

Plus, avoid perches and toys made from certain trees like Oak and Prunus. You can use Indian Lilac or Bananyan tree branches as perches. Please don’t use plastic.

Pro Tip - While having as many toys as possible seems a fun idea, please avoid doing so. You can keep a minimum of 3-4 toys but ensure you don’t stuff the cage. Your colourful friends need enough space to live comfortably.

How to take care of Budgies?

Now that your budgie's home is ready, here are some tips on ensuring its well-being.

1. Room Selection - Place your budgie in a warm, stable-temperature room with adequate lighting. Avoid exposing the cage to direct sunlight or cold drafts.

2. Proper Nutrition - Feed your bird a balanced diet of pellets, seeds, and fresh fruits and vegetables. You can feed them apples and papayas. Plus, you can buy a bird mix from your nearest pet store. Please don’t feed toxic foods like avocado, chocolate, and caffeine. Ensure access to clean water and provide a cuttlebone for calcium. 

3. Regular Cage Cleaning - Clean the cage at least once a week using mild dish soap and water. Mist your budgie with a fine spray for cooling and cleanliness.

4. A Comfortable Sleeping Environment - Cover the cage with a light towel or blanket at bedtime to provide darkness and reduce noise. Ensure proper ventilation to avoid suffocation.

Pro tip - Observe your bird’s behavior at night. If it is frightened of the dark, add a night bulb.

5. Health Monitoring - Schedule annual check-ups with a veterinarian and be vigilant for signs of illness, such as abnormal breathing, discharge, or unusual behavior.

One step at a time

After introducing your budgie to its new home, please ensure to follow these simple things. You need to give your budgies at least 2-3 months to gel in properly. Be patient when it comes to training and taming them.

1. Give It Time: Allow your budgie a few days to get used to its surroundings. Stay nearby, talk gently, and avoid handling it initially. Budgies dislike to be held, so please don’t attempt to do so.  

2. Family Introduction: Introduce household members one at a time, allowing the budgie to become familiar with their voices and faces.

3. Children and Other Pets: Supervise interactions with children and keep other pets, especially cats and dogs, away from the cage.

4. Winning Trust: Gradually build trust by placing your hand in the cage, offering your finger, and eventually feeding your budgie from your finger. Initially, they might try to scare you, but don’t worry that’s a normal behavior. Once your budgie becomes comfortable around you, it can even sit on your hand.

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