Saving Lives: Rescuing an Injured Dog on Highway in India

Injured Dog on Highway

Every year, several dogs fall victim to highway accidents in India, leaving them in desperate need of help. Encountering an injured dog on highway can be a distressing experience. 

According to reports nearly 58% of dogs are involved in accidents in India and 25% are cattle. Rescuing these injured animals promptly is crucial to their survival and well-being. Time becomes a crucial factor in determining the outcome for these innocent animals.

Importance of Quick Help

An injured dog on highway is vulnerable and requires urgent assistance.

There are dedicated helplines or animal rescue organizations specifically designed to handle injured animals on the highway. Animal welfare organizations, too, have injured dog helpline numbers. You can save the contact information of such helplines. 

Doing so will enable you to contact the rescue team immediately, in case you encounter such unfortunate incidents. These helplines are equipped to handle emergency situations and can provide guidance on how to proceed effectively.

Now, let's delve into the various tips and strategies for rescuing an injured dog stuck on highway. By following a few simple steps, you can provide immediate assistance and increase the chances of a positive outcome.

How to help an injured dog on highway?

A methodical approach and compassion are required to rescue an injured dog on highway. Refer to these steps, if you encounter such situations.

1. Note the Exact Location 

The first thing is to take note of the exact location. Make a mental note of road signs, banners, or landmarks to help identify the location later. If possible, use your phone's GPS for precise location, as this will greatly assist the rescue team in reaching the injured dog promptly.

2. Pull Over and Activate Hazard Lights

When you come across an injured dog on the highway, it's important to pull over your vehicle. Park your vehicle safely, far away from the injured dog. Remember to turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers. This will help create a safer environment for both you and the trapped dog.

3. Assessing your surroundings

Look out for oncoming traffic and ensure that you are not putting yourself in any danger. It is agonizing to see an injured dog on highway struggling for survival. However, please assess the situation before taking any action. It is important to prioritize your safety.  

4. Examining the Dog

Approach the injured animal on the highway cautiously, maintaining a safe distance. Examine the dog's behavior to determine if it is in severe distress, alert or conscious state. Observe its chest and abdominal area to confirm if it's breathing. Additionally, note any visible bleeding, injuries, or signs of pain.

5. Call for Assistance

source: Kartavya Society

Promptly reporting an injured dog on highway can save its life. Contact local animal welfare organizations, emergency services, or nearby veterinary clinics for medical aid. You can also call the nearby police station to report the injured dog's situation. 

Provide them with the accurate location details you noted earlier. If you are able to carry the animal, take him to the local animal shelter hospital, in case the emergency service is delayed or far from the location.

To contact PETA India dial their emergency helpline number (0) 98201 22602.

Every state has certain helplines, which too can be contacted in case of an emergency. They are easily available on the Internet. Madhya Pradesh government recently announced 40 ambulances to help injured street dogs, one can call them in '1962' and help these street dogs.

You can also call on ‘122’. 

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6. Collaborate with Others

A collaborative effort is necessary to rescue and rehabilitate an injured dog on highway. Seek help from passersby who may be willing to assist in the rescue. A collective effort can increase the chances of successfully rescuing the dog trapped on highway while ensuring everyone's safety. 

7. Stay with the Dog

Assess your safety and try staying near the injured dog on highway until help arrives. This will prevent further harm to the dog and might provide it some comfort. Sudden movements and loud noises would scare the dog. Please refrain from this. Speak softly and reassure the dog, if needed.

Things to Avoid

While it's crucial to take quick and timely action when helping an injured dog on highway, there are a few important things to avoid. Please note all the things mentioned below.

1. Don't Panic

Witnessing a highway dog accident can be painful. However, please stay calm and try to examine the situation peacefully.

2. Don't Attempt to Move the Dog Alone

Moving or touching an injured animal on the road incorrectly can worsen its condition or cause additional injuries. Don’t indulge in any activity that could make things worse for the scared dog. 

Unless you are specifically trained in animal handling and rescue, refrain from moving the injured dog by yourself. Wait for medical professionals to arrive and handle the situation.

3. Don't Offer Food or Water

Please avoid offering food or water to the injured dog on the highway. Injured animals may not swallow properly or could be disoriented. In such scenarios, feeding anything could lead to choking or other complications. It's best to let veterinarians and trained individuals examine the dog's condition and provide the necessary medical attention.

Emergency Injured Dog Helpline Number in India

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1. Animal Rescue Number Mumbai- Click here
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4. Animal Rescue Number Banglore- Click here
5. Animal Rescue Number Punjab- Click here
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7. Animal Rescue Number Rajkot- Click here
8. Animal Rescue Number UP- Click here
9. Animal Rescue Num Jharkhand- Click here
10. Animal Rescue Num Hyderabad- Click here
11. Animal Rescue Number Kerala- Click here


In conclusion, spotting an injured dog on highway requires immediate action and aid. You may improve the odds of a successful outcome by recording the location, pulling over safely, examining the situation, phoning for help, and staying with the dog until help arrives. 

For assistance, contact local animal rescue organizations or emergency services. Together, we can save these innocent animals' lives and give them the care they require.
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