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Cockatiel bird

Picture taken 6hr before his death 15-06-21

So 2-3 months ago one of my female cockatiels lay 3 eggs, out of which 2 eggs hatched and they were on the feed. After few weeks 3 eggs hatched but the chick was very weak, didn't thought it would survive. Fortunately, he survived and he was on feed. I named him chotu, he was very unique I don't know the vibe I was getting from him was very special. A week passed he was still on feed and he used to make a weird noise when he's hungry. 

And he was out of his nest after few days, he was comparatively small compared to the chick I had. I was very doubtful about his survival. Days passed he was still fed by her mother. A month passed at this point all chicks used to eat their own. But he would cry for someone to feed him. After few days her mother rarely feeds him, That point  I thought of keeping him inside with me. But he was not ready to come towards me, I waited few days. One day he started to eat on his own. That the moment I was so relieved.

Months passed he was looking healthy and was eating on his own. By looking at his behaviour he was not looking normal mentally. There were moments like once he grabs another cockatiel tail and didn't leave and started biting its feather. It looked funny but I know it was not normal. 

Another incident was he was running all over the cage for his dad to feed him he kept on following him. Until his dad gets fed up and flew away. And when I used to keep my finger over cage know he would make a hissing sound, Like get away from me. I used to enjoy his company, And when I used to whistle he would follow my whistling sound. He was truly unique and beautiful.

Another Month passed he was still not able to fly. He would simply roam around the cage eat, sleep and drink. Most of his time he is on the cage floor. After few days he started climbing up with his beak. But he would fall every time. He would try and try, one day he reaches the food tray. I was so happy to see him on top. Sometimes he forgets to eat and drink, So I need to guide him towards food with the stick. He was doing well. One problem was when I used to clean the cage floor with water, he would be there and some water droplets fall on him. But it was fine it was summer and he would feel good in warm summer.

Everything was fine until Monsoon arrived, he was still doing fine. He was eating as usual and sleeping. I felt he was feeling cold so I cover the cage with plastic. But it was not enough I guess, before his death 2 days before he was eating less and always sleeping. I thought it may be because of the cold. I was keeping a watch on him all the time. On 15 June 2021 evening, he was sitting at the corner and was hiding inside his feather. He was not moving as usual if I made noise. I took him inside the house for warmth. As soon as I lift him I felt he was so weak.

I wrap him inside a cloth and kept him inside it. I felt emotional that it was my fault I couldn't see what he is going through all day on a cold night. I and my mom gave him the oral solution to give him strength through the dropper. My friend also advises me on what to do. After some time we gave him liquid food rice. He ate well and drink and we allow him to rest. We kept him inside cloth and warm space. I was constantly looking at him recover. I had hopes that he would survive. The morning when I was about to give him water, He was dead hiding inside his feather.

I felt it was my fault, I couldn't notice what he was going through in cold. I should have kept him 2 days before when he was not eating properly. If I would have done that, maybe he would have been with me today. The only thing I'm satisfied with is that he could get warmth in his final hours. If I wouldn't have noticed he would be dead in a cold cage. I will miss him truly.

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