Cat Vomiting: Science Behind it & Treatment : Is it normal for cat to throw up ?


Do you feel gross when your pretty cat puke on your floor? Well, there's the reason behind it sometimes it can just the process of detox in their body. But if it keeps on continue for someday your cat may be facing something else. Vomiting can be expressed as ejaculation of food or fluid from the stomach out to the mouth. There are some of the reasons why your cat is vomiting by observing the color of vomit and behaviour of the cat.

Vomiting in cats can be classified into two types Chronic and Acute. Chronic vomiting can be seen with regularity i.e. daily or monthly. In chronic cat vomit once or twice, but it can be cured soon as possible. In rare cases, some cats have been seen with digestive problems along with chronic kidney failure, pancreatitis, and diarrhoea. Some of the reasons for Chronic Vomiting are IBD(Inflammatory bowel disease), PoisonNervous system disorder, and Intestinal parasite. IBD if not treated properly can lead to severe cases. Chronic vomiting is less harmful compare to acute vomiting, but it's still necessary to take your cat to the vet if any uncommon behaviour.

Acute vomiting is when the cat continues to vomit for more than 3 days. Some of the signs seen in acute vomiting are weakness, continuous vomiting, pain, blood in stool, or vomit. If the cat is vomiting along with the mucous it may be because of indigestion or food poisoning. Other reasons included in acute vomiting are Sudden change in dietMilkEating too much fastIntake of foreign bodyGST, Anastacia, and Some medicine(Brufen/ Panodol). Cat digestive system cannot digest milk as they don't have enzymes for digesting milk or any dairy product. Medicine like brufen and pandol are also not digestible for cats. So you must provide these in a small amount.

What does the colour of cat vomit mean ?

Cat vomit in varieties of color which helps us to cure them with proper medication. Some of the colors you may observe are:

1. Green: If your cat vomits green color with the bad Oder it suggests that food was brought up from the small intestine along with bile juice, which is secreted by the liver during the digestion process. The green color is because of bile juice.

2. Black or Brown: Black or Brown color indicates bleeding in the digestion tract if not treated can lead to a serious case. Another reason could be your cat may eat something brown in color could be indigestion.

3. Red or Pink: Presence of blood or maybe dye color food which is undigested and puked by your cat

4. Clear or White: Ejection of saliva from esophagus if your cat puke with an empty stomach or reason maybe inflamed lining of the small intestine.

5. Water: It could be because if your cat has over drink water 

6. Yellow: Obvious yellow color always indicates there something issue with the liver. If you make your cat fast for too long it may occur, digestive enzymes keep running in their stomach and an empty stomach with bile can lead to vomit.

7. Hairball: While cleaning cats intake some of their hair and excess will lead to the vomit of hairball. Combing your cat's hair can prevent this.

Why is my cat throwing up so much lately ?

Well, there are many reasons you should observe before treating your cat. Like have you recently change your cat diet plan, or are you providing your cat with any medicine which may cause them vomiting so let's check some of the causes for vomiting

  1. Poor diet in a cat may lead to malnutrition in a cat which may lead to different diseases. So you must provide your cat with all nutrients like Carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins.
  2. Change in diet is also another reason for cat vomiting. Before the change, a cat diet makes sure you first provide in small quantity and observe cats behaviour. Sudden change can be hard for your cat's body to intake
  3. Eating fast or eating too much is the most common reason seen for the cat to vomit often, so make sure you provide food in a small proportion at regular intervals. Certain food allergies also cause the cat to vomit.
  4. Intake of toxic substance and pesticide: Chemical are harmful to cat body make sure you always keep it away from cats or replace it with a natural product which causes less harm to your cats.
  5. Diseases like Hyperthyroidism, Colitis, Pancreatic diageneses, Lack of enzyme, and High body heat are reasons for cat vomiting.
  6. Pregnancy symptoms like vomiting can be seen in cats. 
  7. High dosage of medicine is commonly seen so make sure you give medicine with an appropriate amount


- Consult the vet before any medicinal use.
- Provide the cat with semi-solid food like celiac mixed with hot water.
- Make your cat fast after vomiting by doing this you will remove all toxins from their body. Provide     food after some time
- Provide ORS solution for rehydration
- Provide probiotic medicine like Enflor schet by mixing it in water
- Vomiting medicine like Gravinate table can be given for 3 days 1 tablet or syrup
- Provide jelly food
- Give plenty of water.

What can I give my cat to stop vomiting ?

Ever notice your cat eating some of your herbal grass in your garden. Well, because your cat having some digestion issues stomach pain is the most common reason. Some of the natural remedies to cure cat vomit are Wheatgrass or lemongrass provide your cat as it is or you can provide by boiling it in water as liquid. Mint leaves are also one of the effective leaves just boil and provide 2 tsp to your cat. Then we got chicken broth i.e. leftover chicken soup can relax your cat's stomach during that period.

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