Cockatiel Breeding Tips: Business

Cockatiels are Aves biologically; they lay eggs and incubate until the chick is hatched through cockatiel breeding. Cockatiel breeding is a process in which pairs mate and reproduce young ones. Cockatiel birds are excellent breeders and take care of their young ones. 

They are said to be good parents sometimes in colony cockatiel breeding groups. Other cockatiels feed their young ones too. A cockatiel is a non-aggressive bird. They do not harm other chicks or birds during cockatiel breeding.

Cockatiel breeding produces chicks born with closed eyes and without feathers resting on their parents. The average chick given by cockatiel breeding is 4-5. Male cockatiels are fertile for up to 13-14 years, whereas female cockatiels are fertile for up to 10 years. 

Infertility in cockatiel breeding can also happen because of nutrition deficiency, disease, and obesity. Different variations of cockatiels used in breeding include grey, yellowface, whiteface, pearl, silver, fallow, pied, lutino, and blue. It is important to ensure you don't breed cockatiels of the same parent in cockatiel breeding as it reduces the fertility of upcoming chicks.

Steps to prepare your cockatiel for breeding

1. The breeding age of cockatiels should be about 18 months. If young pairs are kept for breeding, the eggs will be infertile and female cockatiels may have egg-binding problems.

2. Check both your pair are male and female. If both are female, there will be excess infertile eggs.

3. Keep male birds first in a cage; after 5 -6 days, female birds should be kept together, due to which bonding between both birds will be faster.

4. The cockatiel breeding box should only be kept after properly bonding the cockatiel.

5. The age of the cockatiel should approximate the same.

6. Privacy should be given to cockatiel proper bonding.

7.After bonding cockatiel breeding box(1 by 1 foot) or terracotta pot should be fixed for pair.cockatiel breeding box
8. Cockatiel doesn't need any specific nesting material terracotta pots are best for breeding a cockatiel. They are cool inside and keep the mother and chicks cool.

9. Cockatiel mainly breeds during the summer season.

10. After mating female cockatiel lays an egg after 2 weeks

11. Cockatiel gives 4-6 eggs at a time. They give eggs between 24-48 hrs in the time gap. Some females sit on their first egg, and Some on their last egg.

12. Male and Female both sit for the incubation of eggs.

13. Incubation time for cockatiel eggs is about 21-23 days.

14. After 10-12 days chick will be grown-up for hand feeding.

15. Reduce supplements of cockatiel during breeding as they tend to feed their chick. Otherwise, they must provide their chick more and be considered bad parents. 
cockatiel breeding box

Breeding food

Calcium is the most important nutrient during the breeding season. During breeding, cockatiels tend to have a lack of calcium, due to which eggshells become weak, eggs become infertile, and egg binding may happen. Calcium-rich food includes cuttlebone, sprouts, eggs, rice, soaked wheat, and veggies. 

In addition to that, cockatiels should be provided with veggies. Apart from that, separate calcium supplements should be added to their water. During breeding, cockatiel body heat increases, so take care that you keep your cockatiel cool by spraying water. 

Vitamin d3 is important for calcium absorption, and the best source for that is sunlight. If you have to keep cockatiel indoors, provide separate supplements. Keep fresh water and keep changing it whenever it's dirty.

Is Bird Breeding Profitable?

Yes, Bird Breeding is Profitable, but one should always remember ethics. They have a life too. One should take care of their cockatiel's health and give required space. ACT, 1960.59 OF 1960 Peta says any unnecessary pain or suffering on the animal is a crime. So before starting a business, ensure you accept all terms and conditions. 

Here is a case study in which we will be breeding cockatiel for 9 months in which all expenditure and profit are calculated


NO OF ITEMS(for 9 months)





Cage Tray









Bird box






Calcium block



Other expenses(seeds)









• This is a balance sheet for business for 10 cockatiels for 9 months.

•The first step for starting a business is a cage for 10 pairs. You will need 10 cages (3-2-2),i.e., 300₹ per cage, and the total will be 3000₹.

•Next is tray 100₹ per tray.

•Then, food and water bowl, i.e., 20 bowls for 10 pairs.

•Then medicine for 9 months will be 400₹.

•For breeding 10 pieces of bird, the cockatiel breeding box will cost you 800₹.

•Then millets will cost 480₹ per month and for 9 months 4300₹.

•The mixed seed will cost 600₹ separate

•Calcium material 700₹


3 months of breeding business you will earn nothing there be no profit, you have to just make your cockatiel healthy. After six months 5 pairs will give chick 3-4 from each pair i.e 15 pairs per month. In the 9th month for 10 pairs 36 chicks will be in return. For each chick will be 1800₹ per. After 9 months you will earn 36,000₹-50,000/- as side income.

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